YouTube Ads – What Are the Different Types of YouTube Ads?

YouTube Ads are video ads that appear on YouTube and its partner sites in the Google Display Network (GDN). They are one of the most effective ways to drive brand awareness, build a following for your brand or product, and get leads. YouTube ads are highly customizable and are connected to Google’s rich data resources. YouTube Ads are based on campaigns in Google Ads, and they are structured the same as other campaign types, such as Display Network ads or mobile app ads.

The six main YouTube ad types are skippable in-stream ads, bumper ads, promoted videos on the Google Play Store, non-skippable mid-roll videos, non-skippable in-video overlays, and sponsored cards. Each type of ad has its own set of guidelines and targeting options, and the best ad type depends on your marketing goals.

Lights, Camera, Action: Understanding YouTube Ads

In-stream YouTube ads, also known as TrueView in-stream ads, are 30 seconds or shorter and can be played before, during, or after a video on the YouTube site or on the Google Display Network (GDN). They can be run as either a cost-per-view or viewable impression ad. Viewable impressions include all views, whether the ad is watched to the end or skipped. To increase the chances of viewers watching your ad to the end, your video needs to be compelling and engaging, and it should give users a reason to watch until the end. Viewers may not come to YouTube to hear a sales pitch, but they do visit the site to be entertained or educated, so your video should have a clear value proposition.