Small Business Lawyer Near Me

Starting a business is a challenging yet exciting process. Ensure your business is formed the right way and structured to be lawful and profitable by working with an experienced small business lawyer. A New York City small business attorney can help with various legal issues that a business faces such as forming a corporation or partnership, business taxation, contract drafting, intellectual property protection, navigating regulatory requirements and more.

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Every small business lawyer near me is unique, but there are many common issues that can affect all businesses regardless of industry. For example, employment issues ranging from hiring and firing to diversity awareness can impact all types of businesses. An employment lawyer can help with these issues and more by educating business owners on best practices, advising on compliance issues, and representing them when they are a party to an employee dispute.

Other issues that may affect all small businesses include commercial real estate transactions, rent collection, and property disputes. A small business attorney can advise on these issues and more, helping a business navigate local, county, state, and federal regulations as well as ensuring that a business is protected when entering into a commercial real estate transaction.

If a business needs to merge with another or acquire another, it can be difficult to know how to structure the deal properly. An experienced merger and acquisition lawyer can help with these types of issues as well as protect the interests of the business during a negotiation process.