How to Hide Comments on Instagram

How to hide comments on instagram? With more e-commerce brands getting highly active on Instagram, comments can get a bit overwhelming. Offensive language, spam, trolls, hate speech, and more shouldn’t find permanent shelter under your posts or Stories. This is why it’s important to know how to hide comments on instagram.

Is it possible to hide comments on Instagram?

You can hide specific comments on Instagram through the app or through Meta’s Ads Manager. To do so, navigate to the post or Story you want to manage and tap on a comment. This will take you to a comments summary page. Once you’re on this page, swipe to the left and select Hide comment to hide it from all viewers. The comment won’t be deleted from your profile, but it will no longer appear on the post or Story.

Alternatively, you can also use Instagram’s built-in filter options to auto-hide offensive content. Simply enable the “hide offensive comments” option and it will automatically delete offensive or inappropriate comments from your posts, Stories, and Live videos. There are also two other filters that allow you to choose specific words or phrases to automatically hide comments containing them. This works like a simplified version of our Auto-moderation feature and can be used to hide comments on both your organic Instagram posts and Instagram ads.

For a more automated approach, try BrandBastion’s Lite Platform, which is an all-in-one social media conversation management tool that efficiently helps you manage conversations for both paid and organic content on Instagram as well as other social platforms. It uses advanced AI to identify complex sentiment including irony, sarcasm, connotations, and other nuanced elements that can be difficult to detect using manual methods alone.