How to Find Refurbished Laptops

Technological advancements move fast, and it’s tempting to upgrade every time a new model hits the shelves. But that kind of consumerism comes at a high price, and many shoppers find that they can get the same features in a used or refurbished laptop for a lot less. A refurbished laptops is typically one that’s been bought from a retailer or manufacturer, cleaned, repaired and restored to factory settings by an outside refurbisher, and then sold at a discount. Look for a warranty of at least a year.

Find Your Perfect Match: Explore Refurbished Laptops

The best place to find refurbished laptops online is a retailer’s dedicated refurbished computer page. You can also check for a “refurbished” or “certified refurbished” statement on the product’s description page. The latter usually means that the laptop has gone through a detailed repair and testing process, so it should be nearly identical to a new laptop.

Look for a refurbished laptop with a fresh battery, which might have a slightly shorter lifespan than a new one. A refurbished laptop with a fresh hard drive and good screen will also last longer. Finally, make sure the laptop isn’t too old — a cheap refurbished Chromebook or low-end Celeron-based notebook might still have a working life left in it, but they won’t perform as well as a more expensive refurbished model.

Shoppers who want to avoid the hassle of dealing with sellers on eBay can head to the website or stores of big-box retailers like Dell and Best Buy, both of which have a large refurbished laptop selection. Both retailers offer a wide range of options, including Scratch & Dent (refurbished laptops with dents, scratches and other cosmetic defects that don’t affect performance) and Certified Refurbished, which are as close to new as possible.