Chemical Resistant Coatings

The Chemical Resistant Coatings we provide create wear resistant, pin-hole free liquid or vapor barriers that are inert to most any known compound(s). Whether you want to increase your line efficiencies by diminishing cleaning/maintenance time or reduce costs associated with exotic material systems, we offer a wide range of chemically resistant coating systems designed to meet your specific requirements.

A variety of industries rely on a wide array of chemicals and acids to conduct their business, but these substances can have a disastrous effect on equipment and materials when exposed to the wrong environment or interaction. When this happens, the business faces unexpected costs such as costly maintenance, replacement parts and downtime. These expenses could have been prevented with the use of thermal sprayed chemical resistant coatings.

Defending Surfaces: A Deep Dive into the World of Chemical Resistant Coatings

Chemical resistant coatings provide a barrier that protects concrete surfaces from damage caused by exposure to corrosive materials, such as sulfuric and hydrochloric acid. These protective coatings can also be used to coat surfaces that are subject to immersion service, such as tanks, ducts and pipes, where a high level of resistance is required.

PTFE coatings (such as Henkel’s Bonderite S-FN 333) and fluoropolymer coatings (like Whitford’s Xylan 1440) are examples of these types of chemically resistant coatings that can provide a non-stick surface with a low coefficient of friction. These coatings can withstand high temperatures and provide excellent performance against corrosion. Epoxy polysiloxane chemical resistant coatings are another option for industrial environments, which can exceed abrasion and appearance retention standards while providing superior chemical resistance.