Cat 5e Installation in San Antonio and Austin

If you are looking for Cat 5e Installation in San Antonio and Austin,TX there are a few network cabling contractors to choose from. One of them is CMC Communications who has been around for a while and have 41 five star google reviews. They have the experience, tools and insurance to handle any size project for a commercial wifi installation. They also have an IT services division and a outside plant under ground fiber optic division so they are more of a complete structured cabling company than most.

How much does it cost to install Cat 5 cable?

Category 5, or CAT-5, is a twisted pair data cable standard that can support voice and data connections. It is primarily used in local area network (LAN) connections within buildings or between buildings. Unlike untwisted cable, CAT-5 pairs are separated by a twist to prevent crosstalk between adjacent pairs of wires. This makes CAT-5 better at carrying signals over long distances than untwisted cable.

CAT-5 cables typically cost $0.56 to $1.17 per foot installed. They can reach speeds of up to 100 Mbps over limited lengths, but are not suitable for all networks. Almost all network technicians recommend using CAT-6 cable, which costs slightly more but offers performance that far exceeds CAT-5 cables.

The latest version of this cable standard, CAT-6a, is capable of handling gigabit speed transmissions over very short distances. Its advantages over previous categories include the ability to carry multiple streams of data, improved cable design that greatly reduces crosstalk between cables and the use of lower-smoke polyvinyl chloride jacketing.