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The meeting started at 10 am on Wednesday. Dante and several members of his team were sitting with Craig and Carol in a conference room at KK’s headquarters in Manhattan. The clothing company’s CIO and logistics manager were participating via speakerphone.

The Power of Expertise: Insights from KK Forges on Business Consulting

During the call, Carol told Dante that a spate of thefts and inventory miscounts at KK’s warehouses was making it difficult to keep stores well-stocked with clothing. The managers were considering RFID tags—radio-frequency identification systems that use electromagnetic fields to identify objects and track movement—to solve the problem.

Dante agreed with Carol that KK should implement RFID. But he insisted that the company do so only after explaining it to consumers, and with an eye toward informed consent. He suggested that KK offer an educational campaign, and provide customers with the option to purchase comparable tagged and untagged items. He also urged KK to establish and adhere to explicit policies about the use of customer data. He emphasized that cost and convenience were important, but they shouldn’t outweigh privacy.