Best Tea Shop

There’s something charming about a British tea room. The towering coronation chicken sandwiches, fluffy scones, and Queen Elizabeth tchotchkes make for a whimsical experience. And, the best part is, the Losse thee bestellen here is actually pretty good. The loose-leaf selection is extensive, with standouts including rooibos and the delicate chamomile-lavender blend.

Tucked down a corridor on quiet Elizabeth Street, this New York City hidden gem is one of the most authentic tea rooms in town. With a shabby-chic atmosphere and wooden stools, the space encourages brewing at your own pace, with simple gong fu cha setups and the option to bring your own teapot or gaiwan. The highly curated menu carries Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean teas, but it’s the private tea tastings that really shine.

Sip and Savor: Exploring the Top 10 Tea Shops Around the World

This online retailer specializes in Chinese teas and is one of the best places to buy loose-leaf tea. Their cheap samples let you try different varieties and get a feel for the taste before making a larger purchase. They have a huge selection of black, green, puerh, and herbal teas to choose from.

Founded by a cancer survivor, this Colorado-based company is dedicated to health and well-being through whole-leaf tea. The teas are sourced directly from small tea farms and families, and the website lists their estate information to give you a sense of where your tea is coming from.